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With an inventory of seats available from full-service carriers of the United States and other countries, we are well-positioned to offer you multiple cheap flight tickets options. While you can see published fares on a number of websites, there could be other flight combinations that are not published. These combinations do have the potential to offer you cheaper fares than published fares. Lostfares has the leverage over others because we offer unpublished prices to give you cheap flight tickets Their fares are always available with our customer service team and you need to call us for booking these discounted airfares.

Besides the regular promotional, seasonal, or competitor-driver price-cuts, we offer cheap airline tickets even when there is no special occasion or lean season.

Last Minute Flight Deals Vs Advanced Flight Booking

Though last-minute flight deals are the most prescribed way of getting cheap tickets and are effective to some extent because the airline would not like to fly with empty seats, there is also a chance of missing the flight while waiting for the last-minute deal from the airline.

We strongly suggest our passenger's book tickets in advance by calling our customer service agents. We would suggest advance reservations, at least 3-4 days in advance of the travel date. Advance reservations are most likely to give you the cheapest flights. On top of it, when you make a reservation on call, we would be able to quote the low unpublished airfares. Our cheap flight deals can help you save even up to 40% of flight ticket prices.

Our Markets for Ticketing Services

We offer cheap flight tickets for US domestic and international, and, Canada domestic and international flight sectors. For Canadian domestic and international flights, we provide airfares in CAD. Travelers looking to fly in near future can call us anytime to get the best flight deals and discounts for their round trip, one-way or multi-city flights.

Whether you need to fly domestic or international sectors in the United States or Canada, feel free to call us for the cheapest flight ticket & airline reservations at our toll-free number 1-888-910-0597.

FAQ About Cheap Flights

What is your most effective method for getting a cheap flight?

Unfortunately finding cheap flights are the most complicated thing in the world. We have found some of the effective methods which will work many times but no one can guarantee that these will help you to grab cheap flights.

  • Compare both round and one-way trip flights for a better deal.
  • Search alternate airports as these help you to grab a discount on your flight tickets.
  • Use discount coupons and offers which are offered by flight booking agencies for cheaper flight tickets.
  • Always plan your trip during the off-season
  • Ask for both flight and hotel reservations. As in many cases, the booking agents can help you to find a better deal on the airline as well as hotel reservations.

How to get cheap flights at the last minute?

Finding a better deal at the last minute is one of the myths in the airline industry. Many travelers wait until the last minute to find cheap flights but in many cases, they need to drop that idea. It is always advisable to book tickets in advance and if possible contact the agent website and the airlines to reschedule your air tickets if you found a lower deal after your previous booking. Be more flexible and call our agents who have experience of booking tickets and know the exact time for a better deal.

Which airlines offer cheap flights?

  • Norwegian Air
  • Air Canada Rouge
  • LEVEL Airlines
  • JetBlue Airlines
  • AirAsia X Airlines
  • Sun Country Airlines
  • Viva Aerobus Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines

When is the best time for booking cheap flights?

Almost in every article or website, it is confirmed that booking the flights a few months prior to the journey is one of the best times for cheap flights. If you are flying on a domestic route then 2-3 weeks are enough for the booking. In international booking, you should consider at least 5-6 months in advance for airline ticket booking.

Is online booking better than phone booking?

In the online booking, you have seen a better price from two different routes but you decide to book that ticket later. When the next time you want to book you will not find that deal. So we found that in online booking, the ticket prices fluctuate but it is difficult to update the website with the current ticket prices. But when you call the agent sites like Lostfares then you have the most experienced and friendly travel agents who will help you to find the best available and hidden deals which help you to save big on all your travel itinerary.

Is it cheaper to buy tickets directly from the airport?

Earlier limited people used to travel through flights. So it was easy to get a flight ticket at the airport. But nowadays with the invention of technology, it is not at all a good idea to book direct flight tickets from the airport. Many times you will not get an air ticket on the desired dates. In any case, if you got a ticket then you have to shell higher prices than expected.